Tradition and experience for effective solutions

Sheet metal processing in the 3rd generation stands for continuity:

    • Family-owned business
    • Long-term partners in leading positions
    • Investment in state-of-the-art technology
    • Realisation of customer requirements.

BADE UND RINSCHEID has been producing parts made of sheet metal since 1936. During this period the product focus has shifted from catering equipment (ladles, serving spoons) and gardening tools (rakes), through household goods with spring elements (jam jar closers and springs in devices) to vehicle components. In 1956 the company began to supply the automotive industry. This business area has shown continuous growth since the 1960s. Hinges – for applications such as folding room dividers – have been produced since 1958.

In 1971 they began manufacturing special hinges and fittings for storage and ammunition crates in line with the German Defence Standard TL A 004.

Over the past two decades, the household appliance and automotive sectors in particular have experienced growth at BARI. Production volumes of vacuum cleaner parts and products for vibration/noise reduction on vehicles, as well as vehicle electronics (aluminium housings and base plates) have increased significantly. A further separate product area is metal parts for the rail industry.

In 1986, production was relocated from its former site near the impressive castle of Burg Bilstein into the regional capital, Olpe, which is easily accessible by motorway. This meant more working space and also optimised flexibility, making it more accessible to customers. Then in 2014 we moved to a new facility “on the green field” in Olpe, making production even more efficient than before.
With increased commitment, modern machinery and a motivated team we are well-placed to meet the exacting requirements of our customers on a daily basis.

Manufacturing responsibly allows us to achieve the high quality standards required by our customers. Our lean organisation assures short lead times in production, a strong focus on customer demands, as well as close attention to detail.